Sample boat test questions...


If you see a red square shape on a buoy or beacon when heading into port, where should you direct your vessel

It is a starboard mark, keep it on your right and direct your vessel to the left of it

It is an isolated danger mark, go either side

It is a port mark, keep it on your left and direct your vessel to the right of it

It is a mid channel mark, go to the right of it.

If you see a vessel displaying the day shape of a ball over a diamond over a ball, what message is it giving you

Restricted in ability to manoeuvre, typical of a dredge or pile driving barge

I am aground

Constrained by draft in a channel

Please slow down near me

Where on a planing hull, must the registration symbols "numbers and letters" be displayed?

On the stern

On the bow

Both Port and Starboard sides

Near the driver

Where on a planing vessel must the registration "sticky" label be displayed?

On the Portside

Both sides

Near the capacity label

On the bow

When operating a vessel outside of smooth or partially smooth waters, what is the required reduction of the vessels maximum capacity?

A quarter

A half

A fifth

A third

Within what timeframe must you report a marine incident?

Two weeks

72 Hours

One week

48 Hours

What is the primary emergency channel on a 27mhz Marine radio?





What is the maximum speed limit in smooth waters?

50 knots

40 knots

25 knots

60 knots

When travelling outside smooth and partially smooth waters, at what distance off the coastline are you required to carry an EPIRB, as part of your safety equipment?

10 nautical miles

20 nautical miles

2 nautical miles

5 nautical miles

Which vessels must powerboats give way to?

Sailing vessels

Vessels engaged in commercial fishing

Vessels constrained by their draf

All of the above

What is the legal alcohol limit on the water in QLD for people with an open licence?




no limit

If driving a powerboat, a speed limit of 6 Knots or less within 30 metres applies to:

Jetski riders

Anchored or Moored vessels, Harbours, Divers & Swimmers



When are adults required to wear a lifejacket in Queensland?

At night

When offshore

When crossing a coastal bar in a vessel less than 4.8 metres

When alone

When are children under the age of 12 required to wear a lifejacket

When the vessel is being launched

At all times when the vessel is less than 4.8 metres and is underway

All times regardless of the size of the vessel

When at anchor

What lights does a recreational vessel display when at anchor?

Red port light, green starboard lights

All round white light

Red port light, green starboard lights and an all round white light

Red light

When are sea conditions likely to be the roughest?

On an incoming tide

An hour before low tide

When the wind is blowing in an opposing direction to the tidal current

At dawn or dusk

What lights does a trawler display when it's nets are out?

Yellow flashing light

Two red lights in addition to its navigation lights

Green and white all roundlights in addition to its navigation lights

Red and white allround in addition to its navigation lights

If you have right of way with a boat approaching 300 metres away on your port side what should you do?

Slow down

Turn to the right (starboard)

Maintain a stand on course, consistent direction and speed

Turn to the left (port)

What does the blue and white swallow tail flag, code flag alpha indicate?

Vessel is aground

Vessel is manouvering to port

Divers in the water, slow down to less than 6 knots and stay 30m clear

Vessel is leaving shortly

If a vessel sounds 3 shorts blasts on it's horn what is it signalling?

I am turning to port

I cannot determine what your intentions are

My engines are in reverse

I am turning to starboard

If the vessel you were operating struck an unknown object in open waters and was quickly filling up with water and about to sink, what type of call would you make on your marine radio?


Pan Pan


Which recreational vessels require registration in Qld?

All planing vessels

Vessels with more than 6 hp engines

All vessels

Vessels with more than 4 hp engines

What does a beacon or a buoy with 2 black discs on top and a red band indicate?

Port Channel mark, keep to your left or port when entering port

Isolated danger mark, go either side 30m+ clear as there is danger below.

Fairway mark, you are leaving or entering port. Also known as a Safe water mark

Middle of Channel mark, go right of it. Also the greatest clearance under a bridge.

What should you do if you see a Yellow Mark, with an X on it?

Keep it on your left or port side, it is a port channel mark

Consult your chart or Beacon to Beacon book as it is a case by case hazard.

Isolated danger mark, go either side but not too close as there is danger below it

Middle of Channel mark, keep your vessel to the right of it

Where must you place a capacity label?

On the stern of your vessel

Where it can be seen, when operating the vessel. Eg on the console next to the wheel

On the port side of your vessel

On the bow

What does a beacon or buoy that has arrows pointing up and down with a yellow stripe between black bands indicate?

South Cardinal mark, safe water to the South

West Cardinal mark, safe water to the West

East Cardinal mark, safe water to the East

Isolated danger mark, go either side but stay 30m or more away as there is danger below


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